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Spellgarden Games | February 2022

February - The Fool

The fool stands for new beginnings, adventure and freedom.

Hola everyone! 🌈

Welcome to out first Newsletter - Fresh from the digital press, typed by hand and all!

‘Who did I subsribe to again?’ you might ask? Let us quickly introduce ourselves:

We are Kathrin, Zoë, Sophie and Kasimir (not to forget our office poochie Lani) - and just like the fool says, we embarked on a new adventure and beginnings by planting our own indie game studio:

Don’t worry, we won’t exaggerate and spam your inbox every week - this is more about us giving you leafy updates of our upcoming projects.

Now for some news and updates from our garden!


Ritual of Raven

We started off this year by taking 2 weeks to try out some art, movement and mechanics for our game. We are currently working on the gameplay mechanics and will be able to share some more insights into the gameplay soon.

Concept Art - Book of magic


Our server is ready to be joined! We want to engage with the community as much as we can and offer a cozy place to exchange all things witchy, nerdy, gamy and developy.:D (Yes, we even have a pet corner)

Join the Spellgarden Discord Server! Join the Spellgarden Discord Server!

Be part of our Spellgarden community on Discord - hang out with us and get more frequent updates from us.

Global Game Jam 2022

Oh and before we go - if you haven’t checked out our GGJ project yet, you can play Pawlo Purrcasso on itch now! Stretch your paws and dip them into paint to restore broken masterpieces. No one will ever notice the difference at the exhibition.

That’s it for now, folks. Let us know what you think of our newsletter and what you’d like to read (and not read) in the upcoming editions - we’d love to hear your feedback!

Write us via mail:

Cheers and stay safe!

Sophie and Team Spellgarden