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Spellgarden Games | June 2022

II - The High Priestess

June - The High Priestess

The High Priestess stands for stability and represents womenhood on earth. She manifests inner knowledge and tells you to listen to your inner strength. Follow your intuition and connect with yourself.

Who are you really?

Welcome everyone! ✨

A lot of things are happening around us and we want to show you some sneak peeks of our cozy witchy farming game "Ritual of Raven".

We also added a "What's going on in the life of the Devs?" section at the end of the newsletter - let us hear what you think about it and if you'd want to see more of that!

Ritual of Raven


Decorating your farm is one of our favourite things you can do in other farming games. So we really wanted to add it too. Later in the process you may even be able to alter the colors of the decoration items to give it a touch of your own liking.

New characters

We asked you on social media what kind of NPCs you would like to see in the game and we got some nice inspirations! So we added a cute queer witch couple. You will be able to trade ingredients with them and they can brew you some potions or sell items to you that you can use for your own magic.

Programming Magic

We finally added one of the main mechanic to our game! As the player you will be able to enchant these cute golems with your magic so that they know how to help you.

And yes, you saw right - this golem is the "0 - The Fool" tarot card. Every golem you will encounter in our game is designed after one of the 22 major arcana.


Yesterday was #PitchYaGame on Twitter and we decided to participate. If you have not seen the tweet yet, we would be so happy if you could leave some love for it 💖

What's going on in the life of the Devs?

Tarot Card Book

Hey there, it's Zoë here and I just started reading a book about tarot cards!

Because of the "Cartomancy Anthology" and also "Ritual of Raven" I had a lot of contact with the topic of tarot cards and thought: "Why not learn more about them? Maybe it will benefit the game and also me personally."

So what kind of book is it? The book wraps around the Rider-Waite Tarot card design and does not only tell me why these cards were designed this way but also what questions they can invoke in me when looking at them. It gives me a lot to think about and I started to ask those fundamental questions to myself more frequently - Is there something holding me back? What makes me happy? Who am I? What do I want?

Tarot cards are a nice way to get in touch with yourself and to aks the right questions in the moment.

So make a tea, sit down in a comfortable chair and get to know yourself (you don't nessecarily need tarot cards - but they can help).

That’s it for now. Let us know what you think of our newsletter and what you’d like to read (and not read) in the upcoming editions - we’d love to hear your feedback!

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Stay safe and see you next time!

Zoë and Team Spellgarden