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New logo, who this?

Hola, dear readers - time for a freshly typed newsletter!

October - The Emperor

The Emperor carries big responsibility for his area of life and his environment. They like order, draw lines and give a sense of security with a set of rules.

So in the last issue, you might remember we were on our way to Gamescom. We met lots of cool people and old friends!

Pitching your game sounds scary enough - doing it admits a busy conference and running around from meeting point to meeting point doesn't help the nerves either. But our super pitcher Kathrin really rocked the presentations and we gained a ton of experience!

"What a wild thing, to actually be doing this." Is probably our most thought sentence of 2022.

Anyways - now we are still searching and hoping to find the best partner to work with and develop RoR. This actually takes a long while indeed, so in the meantime, we are working on stuff like the coding-magic visuals, our steam page and social media (like I'm doing right now!).

We'll keep you posted on this whole endeavor, so stay tuned!

Another thing we recently reworked: our studio logo!

There comes a time in every indie devs life in which you wake up, look at the visual key art of your company and say: "It is time for a change."

No seriously, our first logo did us a good service but it's not the most... eye- and print-friendly asset. Meaning that it's not readable and horizontal enough for let's say websites, cards, letters, etc.

Our newest iteration is this one:

A bit more pixels, a bit more sparkles but still the same amount of indie charm.

What do you peeps think?

A mew member?!

Maybe you caught another smaller yet still exciting change on our website...

we got a new (mew) member!

Everyone, meet Milou, the ever meowing and adorable coding cat ♥ We (Zoë and I) got her some weeks ago from a shelter and wanted to wait a while until she feels at home. She conquered our hearts and is officially our purrdy familiar.

That's pretty much all the news for this time!

Hope you are doing alright and playing good games. And as always, let us know what you think or just come by our Discord to chat (and get more cat and dog content).

Until next time, stay safe ♥